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Practitioner Rob Pearce provides complete head-to-toe musculoskeletal care to clients including high-performance and recreational athletes and those managing arthritis, chronic pain, or illness. His practice supports health maintenance and pain management.

Rob works in partnership with his clients to provide personalized treatment and care. Many seek his expertise after other clinical approaches have failed to yield meaningful results.

Appointment bookings 250.812.3354 Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm
#111-1026 Johnson St. Victoria B.C. V8V 3N7

case studies
Marilyn Arsenault
May 10, 2013 Rob Pearce Case Studies

Client: Marilyn Arsenault

Age: 45

Bio: Competitive runner & founder of Mindful Strides.

Reason for becoming a client: To prevent injury and ensure joints and muscles remain in top form; to enhance mobility, efficiency and alignment; to counter the demands of high-performance training and avoid training interruption.

Treatment approach: Whole-body care, including massage and joint mobilization to level pelvis, improve rotation and release sacroiliac joint (SI) stiffness. Special attention to feet and ankles to assist pliability and mobility.

Frequency: Weekly maintenance visits (1-2 per week).

Outcomes: Improved biomechanical range and continued injury-free performance at the elite level.

Client feedback: “Regular sessions with Rob help me to maintain efficient joint movement, muscle balance and suppleness. Even though I’m training hard, I recover quickly, which supports consistency week over week. At 45, I feel stronger and faster than ever.”

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Bob Smith
May 13, 2013 Rob Pearce Case Studies
Bob Smith

Client: Bob Smith

Age:  61

Bio: Retired commercial fisherman and boat builder/carpenter.

Reason for becoming a client: Past workplace injury and acute pain/incapacitation. Originally diagnosed with L4-L5 herniation and treated with surgery, chiropractic, physiotherapy, ice, and painkillers.

Treatment approach: Focus on cause(s) of original herniation; massage to gauge muscle tension and assist relaxation; correction of asymmetrical elevation and rotation of hip and pelvis causing abnormal tension and weight bearing.

Frequency: Weekly visits (2-3 per week) and house calls at most acute; monthly visits to reinforce gains.

Outcomes: Improved structural alignment, balance, and pain-free mobility. Freedom to return to function and trade-related hobbies.

Client feedback: “After three weeks flat on my back and the threat of surgery and a wheelchair, I turned to Rob for help. Thanks to his “magic hands,” and some committed effort, I now experience only minimal discomfort first thing in the morning. I visit Rob for a tune-up about once a month, and I’m able to work again at the things I love.”

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Karen Hagel
May 14, 2013 Rob Pearce Case Studies
Karen Hagel

Client: Karen Hagel

Age: 55

Bio: Retired office worker and recreational marathon runner.

Reason for becoming a client: Pain in right hip and low back.

Treatment approach: Address rotation of hip and release sacrum and facet joints in lumbar spine; reset femur into hip; feet and ankle care.

Frequency: Monthly maintenance visits.

Outcomes: Enhanced well being and pelvic stability; reduced lumbar stiffness to enhance training efficiency and recovery; increased resilience to training load.

Client feedback: “I was a regular client of Rob’s three years ago. At that time, my body and running were strong. I left the practice for a time and ended up with an injury and some difficult months of running. I’ve since found my way back and with his help I’ve had an amazing year. Thanks to Rob for being so supportive, kind and caring.”

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Choosing a care practitioner
May 12, 2013 Rob Pearce Blog

Finding a care practitioner who is a good fit for you is no small task. There are lots of musculoskeletal experts to choose from and many ways to search.

Asking friends and family for recommendations is a great place to start. Mine their experiences—ask about a therapist’s approach and the degree to which treatment was effective. Most importantly, determine whether your loved ones would go back.

Even with glowing references in hand, you’ll want to meet with a prospective practitioner to assess their ability to answer your needs. A few simple questions can guide this conversation:

  • What is their experience with your particular concern or goal?
  • Are symptoms and causes considered? Can you expect a treatment plan?
  • How many visits might be required?
  • How will “success” be measured?
  • What is their preferred method of working with clients?
  • Are they open to insights or information you might have to share?

You’ll arm yourself with facts, but also gauge your level of rapport and comfort in the treatment setting. Getting the most out of your sessions is about more than your therapist’s credentials; a worthwhile practitioner welcomes dialogue and is open to collaboration. Being able to exchange freely is often the quickest route to resolution and one that can unlock even long-standing conditions—after all, you know your body best.

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Structural Dynamic Therapy
New and existing clients welcome

Rob specializes in Structural Dynamic Therapy, a technique that balances the relationship between tension and compression in the body.

The approach supports lasting relief from the pain of injury or chronic health conditions, improved athletic performance and recovery, and optimum health and mobility for clients of all ages.

To find out how the treatment can benefit you, please contact Rob. To learn how it has benefited others, see client profiles.

Client care
What to expect
Prepare for your first visit

Structural Dynamic Therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that combines techniques from Chinese and Western bodywork styles. Clients often liken the treatment experience to massage, joint mobilization, or the physical therapies most familiar to them.

Your personal comfort is a priority. Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to appointments. Change facilities are provided for your convenience.

60 minute appointments

Initial visit $100 I Follow-up visits $90
*Gift certificates available*

About Rob

Rob received his certification in Structural Dynamic Therapy in 2009 under the guidance of mentor and orthopaedic surgeon (China) Dr. Bing Jun Guan. The two now share a private practice at the Guan Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC.

Rob holds additional certifications in reflexology (Reflexology Association of Canada), Thai foot reflexology and Jin Shin Do facial acupressure. Training in Hawaiian Huna and Reiki furthered his study of meridians and energy flow within the body.

Client Base
Recreational athletes
Elite athletes
Office workers
Contact info
  • Name: Rob Pearce
  • Address: 111-1026 Johnson St,
    (between Vancouver & Cook)
    Victoria, BC V8V 3N7 - Map
    Located within the Guan Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 250.812.3354
    Hours: Mon to Sat 9am-5pm

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