A gentle, hands-on approach that combines techniques from Chinese and Western bodywork styles.

Clients often liken the treatment experience to massage, joint mobilization, or the physical therapies most familiar to them.

What is Structural Dynamic Therapy?

The principles of tensegrity—the study of tension and compression in the body.

Combined with bodywork approaches used in Western and Chinese healing traditions. An emerging philosophy, its characterized by its own vocabulary and unique take on related disciplines such as Chinese massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy.

The focus is preserving and restoring the integrity of the musculoskeletal system to facilitate natural movement.

It aims to minimize lifestyle disruptions that result when this system is compromised.

Client profiles

  • Improved biomechanical range
  • Pain-free mobility
  • Increased resilience to training load

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How does it work?

The model views treatment as a partnership between client and practitioner.

Rather than excluding the individual from the process, the therapy uses client feedback as a guide to treatment. This collaborative approach produces more effective and longer-lasting results.

Why is it used?

To maintain the function of healthy joints and muscles and he address physical concerns such as pain, discomfort and loss of mobility.

Who can benefit from treatment?

Individuals of all ages who are looking to maintain healthy movement, and those seeking relief from pain due to illness or acute injury.

Clients range from high-performance athletes to seniors managing arthritis.

Where can I learn more?

Existing clients will tell you it’s hard to describe the technique, but easy to say how it makes them feel; many report feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘stronger’ after treatment.

The experience is unique to you.

Rob Pearce

Rob received his certification in
Structural Dynamic Therapy in 2009 under the guidance of mentor and orthopaedic surgeon (China) Dr. Bing Jun Guan.

The two now share a private practice at the Guan Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC.

Rob holds additional certifications in reflexology (Reflexology Association of Canada), Thai foot reflexology and Jin Shin Co facial acupressure. Training in Hawaiian Huna and Reiki furthered his study of meridians and energy flow within the body.